Fibre installation is dependant on many factors including a customer’s location to the existing fibre network. Fortunately, Entegrus has fibre throughout the industrial and many commercial areas of St. Thomas, as well as in the downtown core. Contact us to find out if fibre is available to you and to receive a personalized quote.

Is Fibre Internet affected by the weather?

Fibre internet is less vulnerable to weather conditions than copper based / telephone line services because it uses pulses of light to transmit data. In some cases, this infrastructure is underground, so weather typically does not affect performance.

No! Unlike old copper cables, fibre cables aren’t impacted by water. No more waiting until the sun comes back out to be able to go online and make phone calls!

Bills are emailed to customers in PDF format.

Primarily, fast upload speeds matter when you’re sending data or other files, using programs like video conferencing, and when downloading large amounts of data.

When you download a large file, video, etc. the file is broken into ‘packets.’ Each of those packets, when received, sends back an acknowledgement to the sender that it was properly received. This is how the Internet makes sure the file you’ve downloaded is properly received. Those acknowledgements, if there’s not enough upload capacity, can cause downloads to slow if they can’t be sent fast enough. This sort of performance hit isn’t obvious when you run a ‘speedtest’, but it is when performing network traffic analysis on real-world applications.

For troubleshooting and network management purposes, Entegrus monitors the amount of traffic that passes through our network. This is done to manage growth and traffic of the network, and to assist customers when troubleshooting any performance issues.

Currently, no. However, we are working towards making this information available to customers via a secure portal so that customers can have additional insight into their Internet traffic.

Entegrus does not block any Internet traffic to or from customers.

Our wireless backup service keeps your business online even in the rare event of physical damage to the fibre optic network. A cable break can take hours to repair – time that your business could be online and making sales, serving customers, etc. Our wireless backup option makes sure that your customers can always reach you. Contact us for more information.

Absolutley. Voice over IP (VOIP) is a fundamental driver of high quality Internet services for business, and fibre optic services is as high quality as it gets. The call quality on VOIP over fibre is better than traditional copper phone lines.

Entegrus does not provide TV or phone service, however we can recommend local companies that do.

Refer to our fibre service area map, or contact us to confirm availability.

The fibre & equipment Entegrus installs in most businesses can provide services up to 1 Gigabit per second (1,000 Mbps). We also provide 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps) services for private dedicated business connections. Fibre technologies can provide incredible speeds, well beyond Terabit per second (1,000,000 Mbps).

Futureproofing refers to the fact that our Fibre service will always be ready for your businesses’ evolving needs. Whether you have two users or two thousand, our system is, and will be, capable of handing all of your IT requirements.

For most business customers, we install a small ‘ONT’ (Optical Network Terminal) with a single ethernet port to connect to a router. We do not provide routers, wireless access points or other internal IT infrastructure.

Each customer is responsible for providing their own router, wireless access point, network switching, etc. The router must connect to our fibre ONT device using a standard CAT5e or better ethernet cable.